Guam - Nearly a hundred volunteers took part in a cleanup at Pagat today. We Are Guahan member Attorney Leevin Camacho says many of them were from the high schools and the University of Guam. He says it's important for the island community to learn about what the military has planned for the area.

Camacho also says it's also an opportunity to show how much land would be used by the military if Pagat is the chosen site for the firing range.  "We wanted to do something positive like a cleanup and the other is to show how much land we're talking about. When you hear ‘1,090 acres', it doesn't really mean much but when you drive from Andy South all the way to the race track - that's 1.5 miles and this stretch is all going to be fenced for the firing range complex if the Department of Defense decides to build a firing range complex out here. So we wanted to give a concrete example of how much land we're really talking about," he stated.

He says the proposed area is larger than Hagatna and Sinajana combined.

We Are Guahan will be submitting its comments this week.