Guam - Members with the Guam National Guard, the U.S. Air Force, the Guam Memorial Hospital, Guam Fire, Guam Police, and Public Health gathered for a tabletop exercise today. Vigilant Guard Branch Chief Lieutenant Colonel Dianne Dunn says this allows for all the critical agencies to get together and discuss processes used when dealing with a pandemic influenza virus that hits the island.

"When it comes to notifying the public for such a disaster, what type of messages they want for public to be aware of, how they will produce that information, what communications means they will use to get the word out and make sure that the citizens of the island have all the up to date information and are prepared," she said.

She says the training will continue throughout next week with simulated disaster events taking place at the Barrigada Readiness Center, as well as near the Guam Memorial Hospital.