Guam - The Guam Police Department filled the remaining three lieutenant positions that have been open for the past several months. The three promoted were Don Flickinger, Art Paulino and Darren Caldwell. The promotions follow concerns that the selections made by previous chief Paul Suba were political, as Suba sought a second list of names from the Department of Administration for applicants.

However, officers promoted today feel they worked hard for it.  Flickinger told KUAM News, "I've been in the department for 27 years and I have to say with this lieutenant promotion it was tough, there were a lot of candidates, sergeants and Police Officer III's applying.  It was very competitive and I'm glad that I finally made it."

Paulino added, "It was a very arduous thing to go through, a lot of examinations, interviews, there was a lot of preparations that had to take place before I could even apply for the position of lieutenant."

Acting Police Chief Frank Ishizaki says he had to make the promotions by this weekend. He also says is pushing for additional lieutenant positions.