Guam - The Guam Amateur Boxing Federation is holding a tournament on August 21 at the Agana Heights Gym in preparation for the 2011 South Pacific Games in New Caledonia. The boxing tournament is open to all male and female boxers, amateur mixed martial arts competitors and military personnel. 

The main focus of the tournament is to start the selection process of potential Team Guam Boxers for the upcoming South Pacific Games. Female competitors are encouraged to come out, after the recent announcement of women's boxing being inducted into the Olympics. Every boxer looking to compete at the tournament must be at the gym at 9am on the day of the fights for weigh-ins and medical checkups.

The fighters will be divided by gyms, and then age, over 16 under 16, then matched up. All the proceeds from the event will go to towards Team Guam heading to New Caledonia. This will be the first time Guam has sent a team since the 1999 Games. The tournament will lead up to the big event scheduled for the early part of next year in January or February, which will be the Golden Gloves Island Wide Tournament that will run for three days, depending on the amount of participants.

Winners of the competition have the best chance of being selected, depending on certain criteria.

For more information Boxers can email  or call Cano Cruz at 483-4466.