Guam - Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares says she has concerns about Route 3. Savares brought these issues up when Okkodo High School was first constructed, saying the Department of Public Works needs to install a light there. With at least three accidents taking place in the last three weeks, Savares says DPW needs to re-evaluate the area.

"The speed limit on that particular highway is 45 miles per hour. If you're driving south on Route 3, the lane merges after the curve to allow Okkodo students, parents and faculty to make that turn. It's only a one-lane southbound and the inner lane is a turning lane," she explained.

Savares says the road is dangerous because it is right between two blind curves. She says while DPW is strapped with funds, she hopes the agency can work on these issues now rather than waiting for accidents to happen.