Guam - There was major frustration from the community about the Guam Board of Allied Health Examiners during this morning's public hearing. The discussion was on Bill 415, which would promote the efficiency of the board and to clarify portions for the board's enabling legislation.

However, Wise Owl Animal Care Clinic owner Dr. Joel Joseph feels the measure is a method for the board to cover up illegal matters he alleges they committed.  He said, "I find that the rest of it is method of trying to have a hidden agenda where they are going to make things written into law so that they can now do things that they weren't able to do to me and maybe others in the future."

While others testified against the measure claiming the board has continuously worked to prevent them from conducting their practice, board chairperson Mamie Balajadia admits that they too suffer from a lack of manpower and funding. She also disagrees with any allegations made against her, saying, "This particular bill today was only to provide a more efficient services to this community and we cannot operate with restrictions because people's licenses are going to be of questions. It is not the case at all."

Balajadia adds that there was a miscommunication when it came to the board resolution that bans recording devices into their meetings, as she says it does not include the media.  After hearing testimony, lawmakers like Senator Judi Guthertz say that more research needs to be done before the measure can move forward.

Senator Telo Taitague has also requested that an oversight hearing be held to iron out the many issues brought up against the board.