Guam - The Guam Police Department may have sent a press release that former Police Chief Paul Suba has returned to the force, but KUAM News earlier today confirmed the Department of Administration hadn't even signed off on his GG1s yet. GPD stated he had returned to the position of captain effective Sunday, the 4th of July.

Captain Suba is assigned to the Office of the Acting Police Commander, Major Ric Leon Guerrero, and will oversee the construction of the new police headquarters. Suba returns to GPD after he was forced to retire by acting Governor Mike Cruz and criticism by the Legislature's Public Safety Committee Chairperson, Senator Adolpho Palacios, who contends Suba is not qualified to serve as a captain because he does not have a college degree.

The Department of Administration has been waiting for an opinion from the Attorney General's regarding Suba's eligibility to return to the department.