Guam - The Attorney General's Office announced this afternoon that it will pursue its appeal against former governor Carl Gutierrez and former Retirement Fund director John Rios.  Last month a Superior Court judge dismissed criminal charges against them. 

Superior Court Pro-Tem Judge Richard Benson threw out the case, finding the government failed to prove Gutierrez wasn't in fact eligible for certain retirement benefits and that he and Rios were accused of illegally enhancing them. The court found neither former officials had committed a crime.

After being appointed as acting attorney general, John Weisenberger said he requested a thorough review of the case and today announced the AG's Office believes that the dismissal of the indictment by the trial court is in error and it is appropriate to ask the Supreme Court of Guam to review this matter.  Weisenberger said, "The Office of the Attorney General does not pursue cases based on politics or costs, but rather legal analysis and evidence."