Guam - The Guam Education Policy Board's chairman says there's still a considerable amount of work that needs to be done for the Department of Education to implement all of the 200 findings of a management audit conducted by Evergreen Solutions.  Ron Ayuyu said board members began discussions during a work session Monday and continued talks during last night's board meeting as they try to get a better understanding of what recommendations have already been implemented and those that still need to be as well as how the department intends to accomplish that.

Ayuyu told KUAM News, "We're still continuing to get information from the management team. We're still waiting for them to fully give us an update what needs to be corrected and that was discussed at last night's meeting, too."

The government paid Evergreen Solutions almost a half-million dollars to evaluate DOE, with the recommendations released last year.  Had the agency implemented them this year, they would have saved $32 million, with a total of $156 million over the next four.