Guam - The Northern All-Stars are set to leave island on July 7 to represent Guam in the Asia Pacific Regional Tournament in Surabaya City in Jakarta, Indonesia. The team earned the right to represent Guam after beating out the Central and Southern all-Stars a few weeks ago. Team Guam will have to use a good rotation of their pitchers and break out the sticks early in order to have a chance to move on to South Williamsport.

Coach Dan Cruz said, "Right now, we have 13 players going to Jakarta, out of the 13 players 9 are pitchers. We play small baseball so we are mostly working on location. When we are ahead on the count, then we will go ahead and throw them the off speed pitches. But location is where are strengths are at right now. Like I said earlier we do play small baseball from bunting, our strengths when we get on base are our base running so even at that I have confidence in our players.  The boys have good chemistry on and off the field and the key to success will be to have trust in each other's ability to make plays on both ends of the ball. Pitching and defense are some of the main focus in practice with a strong emphasis on playing team ball."

Kyle Barnes said, "All we have to do is to have teamwork and to do our best. My catcher he has a good arm and he can get everyone out when they try to steal. Then our infielders have good blocking, every time a batter hits the ball our infielders can block the ball with our bodies. Then our outfielders can sprint as fast as they can just to try and get the ball.

The players on the team are excited to be representing Guam and gaining the off island experience. Our boy's have been training hard and know that getting to Williamsport is going to be tough but they're willing to step up to the challenge and do their best. Their success lies in their pitching and making smart decisions on the field."

David Lizama added, "Kyle Barnes is the shortstop and pitcher; he pitches fast and has good sticks, Dan Dan is a fast runner, smart fielder and is fast in the outfield. Jacob Pilalilo is a strong hitter, fast runner and good pitcher and Jaythaniel Cruz is a smart pitcher, smart batter and a fast runner and good fielder."