Guam - One of the reasons Bill 424 (reorganizing the Guam Education Policy Board) was introduced was because its author, Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz, had concerns that the board never implemented recommendations made by Evergreen Solutions in a management audit.  Chairman Ronald Ayuyu says the audit was intended to be discussed since last month for members to discuss the findings that have been implemented and those that haven't.

A work session was held this afternoon to start the discussions to see what has been implemented and what hasn't.  "These are the issues that we need to find out. Okay, what's been implemented that's already ongoing and what type of implementation that you did already within the department and whatever remaining needs to continue," said Ayuyu.

The chairman says to his knowledge 82 of the 200 recommendations made by Evergreen Solutions have already been implemented at the department.  The board will take the discussions from today's work session and have more formal talks about the progress and delays of the study during Wednesday's board meeting.