Guam - The Guam Fire Department continues to struggle with a critical shortage of ambulances.  There are more medics in the shop than there are out on the road responding to emergencies, and today's count of working ambulances is 2. 

As in, for the entire island.

GFD Spokesperson Joey San Nicolas told KUAM News, "We want to stress this is our highest priority; it's got the attention of our entire staff up here, we've pretty much put everything to the side for this issue."

A meeting was reportedly held with the Lieutenant Governor Mike Cruz this morning to discuss the shortage.  According to San Nicolas, discussions focused on the possible declaration of a state of emergency allowing for emergency procurement to pay for repairs, the temporary lease of private transport vehicles and have them retrofitted to be emergency units, as well as the possibility of tapping into federal grant money.

Meanwhile, the two working medics are stationed at Piti and Yigo.