Guam - The body of 23-year-old U.S. Army Sergeant Josh Lukeala arrived home today. Families and friends were at the old airport terminal to greet him this Father's Day.

It was a solemn moment when the plane landed and the doors opened up to reveal a casket with an American flag on it. The flag represents patriotism, which was displayed by Josh Lukeala. Lukeala died when the humvee he was riding in hit an improvised explosive device. This Father's Day, family and friends gathered to welcome him home. Lukeala was part of the 101st Airborne Air Assault Division based out of Fort Campbell, Kentucky and had just started was supposed to be a year long deployment in Afghanistan.

His aunt, Therese Guzman, remembers his legacy, saying, "He was a very good nephew, a very good son, a very good father and he was a very good soldier."

Guzman says Josh had a passion for being in the military. In fact, he's always expressed interest in serving our country. She says everyone should remember the dedication given to those serving in the military.  "He like all the other soldiers out there are fighting for our freedom. It's very unfortunate that it's Father's Day and his father had to bring him home. It's very unfortunate," she added.  "I was overwhelmed but the thoughts are still in my head. I know that deployment will eventually come up for me and I'm still focused on fulfilling my commitment to being a soldier."

Guzman lastly said, "When our time comes, our time comes. So I mean anything can happen, but may god bless him and may he rest in peace."

Lukeala is survived by his wife Deniece and their 3-year-old daughter Maya.