Guam - The Attorney General's Office has been making strides in making changes to local law to come into compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act.  Attorney General Alicia Limtiaco says proposed legislation has been drafted pertaining to the substantial compliance and implementation of the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act.

The measure provides for increased mandatory minimum sentences for sex offenders, updates to the sex offender registration and tracking provisions, and increased penalties for Internet crimes against children, just to name a few.  The AG's Office is seeking a one year extension to come into compliance and has been working in consultation with Public Safety Oversight Chair Senator Adolpho Palacios.

First assistant and lead attorney for the Family Violence and Sex Crimes Unit, Basil O'Mallan, said, "Some people are falling through the cracks, the purpose of the law of the act is to protect the community and make sure everyone is aware when a sex offender is out in the community and that's why we want to make sure the law closes up all the cracks and everyone who should be registered, is registered."

He added, "The next step is the vetting process regarding the formal determination by the smart Office of General Counsel making a formal determination in terms of Guam's position regarding substantial implementation."

Limtiaco says once the bill is introduced and should lawmakers pass the measure without substantial changes, Guam would be on the first jurisdictions in the United States to make the substantial changes inline with the federal policy.