Guam - It seems there has been some confusion about medical professionals showing support for Bill 420, the Compassionate Health Care Act of 2010. The measure was introduced at 4:20 yesterday afternoon by Senator Rory Respicio, which would basically legalize the use of marijuana strictly for medicinal purposes. 

Although Respicio has stated that he has the support from members in the medical community like Dr. Thomas Shieh in a consultant capacity, the Guam Medical Association president-elect says he has concerns on the effects of marijuana, which include memory loss, hallucinations, and a host of social problems.  "What I told Senator Rory is that I will review the bill, but I just don't have time to review it, and I asked him directly not to introduce the bill," he clarified.

While Shieh has reservations on the legislation and the mind-altering drug, Public Health Director J. Peter Roberto says has his division heads digesting the measure, as they will have to develop administrative rules, forms, procedures and regulations for the compassionate care centers that will grow the drug.  "One of the things that we find with this particular act is that it going to have, like a cross-sectorial approach to where this is going to have a major impact on all the major divisions," he said.

The bill does not allow for recreational use of marijuana.