Guam - Former Guam Federation of Teachers senior field representative Robert Koss has filed a second wrongful termination complaint with the American Federation of Teachers after GFT president Matt Rector said his complaint has no merit and is untimely. Rector also reacted to complaints about improper elections saying they did follow the GFT's constitution and were certified by appropriate election committees.

However, both Koss and bus driver Ed Quintanilla strongly believe that Rector continues to avoid addressing their complaints as they say it will result in his removal.  "Some of these complaints do have merits, I have documents, I got a stamped received copy saying that they received a copy back in March 2009," maintained Quintanilla.  "I don't understand why he saying that. It's a copy of our petition that was filed with GFT."

Koss added, "I was fairly happy with the information he wrote, because his letter in effect fully supports my claim that the Guam Federation of Teachers' executive counsel and its officers are not elected."  Koss also added that if the AFT does not respond to his complaint, then the U.S. Department of Labor will have to step in and take the issue to court.