Guam - Brando Quejado recently competed in the 2010 Pan Pacific held in Auckland, New Zealand. Quejado took home a Gold Medal in the Bantamweight Class and said he is happy with his accomplishment after training for so long. Brando's past competitions include 3 South Pacific Games Bronze Medal finishes, a 4th place finish in the Small Division Back in 2007 Mr. Philippines along with a number of national competitions here on island.

Quejado told KUAM Sports, "I started training for this show when I got word from Maryann. It was in the middle of 2009 when I was asked if I wanted to do this show, the Pan Pacific, so I said yes. So I started training in the middle and it carried all the way to May due to pushbacks. The original date for the New Zealand show was supposed to be in March but it got pushed back due to complications back there due to their federation. So I continued training not knowing exactly when the date was but Tony Morrison actually helped me out a lot with everything from dieting to preparing for this show until now."

Brando started out as a cyclist and a triathlete who was into endurance sports always wanting to challenge himself. He started working out just to get in shape for those sports and got serious about bodybuilding back in 1984. He did his first show a year later and has stuck with the sport ever since looking to one-day reach his dream of turning pro.

"The November show, which is the World Champions, is actually very high caliber. Going into this kind of show is like you're already a top amateur. So when you win this kind of division you become a professional, so you are actually going up against the world's best amateurs. These are the people who are in the magazines and stuff like that. There are some of them that are pro but want to just represent their country. This is a very high caliber every body builder knows about this World Championship. This is actually my goal and dream to compete in this show as a flyweight, so hopefully I do well," he said.