Guam - Southern villages will continue to experience low-to-no water pressure through Tuesday. Areas affected include Umatac, Merizo, Inarajan, Malojloj, Route 17, Talofofo, Windward Hills, Yona, Route 4 and Route 10 Chalan Pago, Pago Bay and Upper Santa Ana in Agat. According to the Guam Waterworks Authority, crews will be working to restore water levels to the reservoirs this weekend.

Water is currently being moved from the north to the reservoirs to gain capacity. The Ugum Water Treatment Plant is running at half capacity while testing the new filters. Tankers will be available across St. Joseph's Church in Inarajan, the Umatac Subdivision and the Transworld Radio Station in Santa Ana.

For more information, call GWA's Dispatch Line at 646-4211 or 646-7319.