Guam - The Guam Police Department reneged on its agreement with the court to hand over a copy of the document it took from KUAM during their raid of our newsroom last week. Attorney Jim Mitchell now says his client, the Guam Police Department, doesn't want to provide another copy to KUAM because it contains confidential information.

"We've already violated privacy rights with the individual's name on the document by allowing the document to be stolen, and to voluntarily agree to give that document again would be another breach of confidentiality," Mitchell stated.

KUAM Attorney Arthur Clark, said, "The purpose of getting a copy was to allow further dissemination of the news, so KUAM still maintains its position that we'd like to have a copy of this document to help defray the damages that are being incurred by KUAM at this time."

The document police retrieved through a search warrant executed on KUAM was a copy of a paper with now-retired chief of police Paul Suba's signature on it acknowledging that Police Officer Trainee John Edwards did not pass his polygraph test and instead needed external review.

The former chief believed the document KUAM received anonymously was stolen and went so far as pledging to get to the bottom of who leaked it to us, hence our offices were raided. Judge Vern Perez, who now has the document taken from KUAM, decided today not to allow KUAM to have a copy and instead will settle the issue next month when an evidentiary hearing will be held.

The judge announced, "Knowing that to whatever extent that stories have been produced using the document, I would believe that they are digitally preserved.  And for one party can potentially be used again. I will simply hold on to the original document, we have it here. Let's have that hearing and then everything will be settled."

The hearing has been scheduled for June 24 at 2pm.