Guam - At least two companies have stepped in to rid the villages of its abandoned vehicles and white goods. FSM Recycling's Jerry Sanchez says they met with village mayors to inform them they will pick up all junk cars and loose metals free of charge.

Sanchez has asked the mayor's to place all the abandoned items in a designated area in their village and to contact him to have it picked up and disposed of, saying, "It's been an ongoing thing where people that own vehicles just leave it on the side of the road and its not nice for our island. It's sad to see our island the way it is right now with all these junk cars and trash on the side of the road."

George Flores with Pyramid Recycling also offered his services to clean up the villages for free.

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency has been stalling the cleanup project, saying the company awarded the contract, Bali Steel, must come in compliance with a notice of violation before proceeding with the cleanup.