Guam - Emergency response officials are taking a new approach to battling the illegal dump fire in Yigo, which has sent several families to a local hotel because of the smoke.  Guam Homeland Security Spokesperson Lesley Leon Guerrero said, "What they're going to try to do is move some of the larger pieces of debris to allow the firemen to access the base of the fire, and hopefully put it out and contain whatever is fueling and feeding the fire."

The initial plan was to let the fire burn itself out.  $56,000 will be used to pay for the heavy equipment needed move the debris.

Meanwhile, there's been no word as to what action if any will be taken against the owner of the illegal dumpsite, Joseph Taitano. Several years ago KUAM covered this story focusing on the Notice of Violation issued against Taitano by the Guam EPA. The agency however says it's now in the hands of the Attorney General's Office.

KUAM News is waiting to hear back from the AG's Office on the status of that NOV.