Guam - Late Friday afternoon Lieutenant Governor Mike Cruz issued a press release, asking for Chief of the Guam Police Paul Suba to resign.  Cruz wrote, stating quote "The freedom of speech and the freedom of the press are rights which have been paid for at great cost; these Constitutional guarantees should not be infringed upon, or threatened by the very agency which should be at the forefront of protecting our citizens' rights."

He went on to state, "I consider Chief Suba a friend, but his leadership has lost my confidence and the confidence of our people.  Without it, Chief Suba cannot lead effectively.  That is why I asked for his resignation."

While I will continue to respect our legal system's process and the right of every government employee to keep their personnel records private, limited police resources should be focused on solving serious crimes.  The courts will deal with the legalities of the search executed at KUAM studios. My call for his resignation is based on the clear loss of public confidence in his leadership.

I want to make clear that I believe in the men and women of our Police Department, but GPD needs new leadership to find its way forward.  It is my hope that under new leadership GPD can refocus its efforts on keeping our people safe, ending corruption wherever it exists, and working to regain our public's trust."