Guam - She's a woman on the go, coming into your homes every month with a roundup of the best homes and gardens on Guam.  But behind the scenes, Marissa Borja is a mom to three active little girls - Camille, Sophia and Catherine - with a boy on the way.  

Between video shoots and edits for her television show, Pacific Home & Garden, Marissa and her husband Mark are able to balance work and raise their girls without the assistance of daycare or nannies.  The support of family, staying flexible and having a sound strategy all lend to this multitasking mom's success but it doesn't come without it's share of challenges.

"We have a board at home to put the schedule in and that's the way it works and sometimes that comes with the flexibility thing - I'm able to say I can change it to another day," she said.  "If you're working from home, yes that's why I made the decision because I have the flexibility to raise our children and see them grow and have a hand in their upbringing first for myself and not having to take them anywhere else.  But people call and they're screaming and I have to run to the bedroom and lock the door and then you have them banging - "MOM!", or the diapers or any of the requests from the kids while I'm trying to work."

Though the girls recognize that their media mom is a local television personality, it certainly doesn't faze them.  "The only time I think they really get excited is, I think, the credits. 'Cause they start dancing so I'm like, "It's over guys, don't worry".  So other than that I think they recognize, Mommy - TV - They'd rather watch Dora...of course. "

Marrissa's decision to keep the girls with her at home and balance her work schedule is one she knows they'll value and appreciate in the future.  "I know that they will not question at all that they were loved, not a single moment."

Her advice to other multitasking moms reflects her deep faith, as she says, "There's something that I always stick to that is something I've been taught through church is a scale of values, which is God is first and foremost, and then your family and then your career.  And I feel like once I put my life in order and seriously but not like, okay maybe I'll go to church or maybe I'll do this - there's no question you need to prioritize that first."

She also offers an old adage which is sound advice in any context, saying, "Do NOT sweat the small stuff.  I mean come on, they're children, you have to accept that these things are going to happen. Have lots of patience.  They're just kids and they're going to grow up and it's going to be over, so that's my advice."