Guam - A major fusion announced in the travel business has Guam anxiously waiting to hear about ramifications in the region.  According to national media reports, Continental Airlines will merge with United Airlines - resulting in the world's single largest airline.

Just about a year and a half ago, Delta and Northwest Airlines merged to form the current biggest air carrier company.

Public relations representative for Continental's offices on Guam, Mary Torre, says the company cannot comment on how the merge will affect business locally.  

7th grade teacher Jeff Thomas came to Guam for a four-day convention. Heading home to Palau today, he says he flies Continental a couple of times a year, adding about how he thinks the mega-merger will affect local travelers, "It will really affect us; the cost of fairs, since it will be bigger will lower and the service will improve."

For travelers like Thomas service along with destination choices are sticking points for when it comes to flying.  The expanded airline will reportedly have flights ranging from Shanghai to South America.

Also according to national reports, United will take over the brand name and the headquarters will relocate from Houston to Chicago.

Continental first began service to and from Guam in the 1970s.