Guam - Steve Vincent Zapata is scheduled to appear back in the District Court tomorrow. Zapata was picked up on Guam after arriving from Japan and Pakistan. Counterterrorism officials in the Philippines have confirmed that a travel inquiry history has been forwarded to authorities in Manila.

Zapata is suspected to have possible ties to terrorist organizations in South and Southeast Asia. 

Prior to coming to Guam, Zapata spent a few days in Japan, but prior to that he spent a little over one month in Pakistan. After arriving to Guam, Zapata rented a small storage unit in Tamuning. Federal and local authorities executed a search warrant last weekend.

The FBI has since taken over the investigation. Although the feds are keeping a tight lid on their investigation, court documents show that he is accused of making a false statement to authorities. Zapata is also wanted in the state of California for traffic violations.