Guam - Depending on your perspective, it seems that a military training exercise meant to teach servicemen about divulging personal and/or sensitive information online has proven to be counterproductive - or absolutely achieved its goal.  KUAM News has learned that as part of the Operational Readiness Exercise last week at Andersen Air Force Base, a planned phishing scam meant to bait airmen into releasing their contact data was launched, 'neath the guise that the latest sequel to the "Transformers" movie series would be shot at the Yigo installation.

The scam stated that film director/producer Michael Bay would be shooting part of the movie at AAFB, and as such, 20 airmen were being solicited as extras.  Reportedly, several such enlisted personnel responded, one even in the open on  It's since generated quite a bit of local buzz, prompting the military to put down the untrue story.

In an e-mail received by KUAM, AAFB officials have announced that Transformers 3 will NOT be partially produced on Guam or at Andersen AFB. KUAM is waiting for comment from Andersen Air Force Base for comment.