Guam - By this time next week thousands of Government of Guam employees should have the results of the government-wide compensation study conducted by The Hay Group.  The consultant, Neville Kenning, is scheduled to meet with Governor Felix Camacho next Monday to present the findings of the study, as well as recommendations on the new payscales that will help bring the island's public sector's salaries closer to the national average. 

Department of Administration Human Resources Administrator Cecilia Martinez says the recommendations also factor in raises that were given to nurses and law enforcement through legislation.  As for the recent 10% across-the-board pay raises given to Guam International Airport Authority and GHURA employees, Martinez says the consultant is reviewing those, as well. 

The government recently amended the consultant contract and agreed to pay $50,000 for Neville to review the pay plans implemented at autonomous agencies, as well.