Guam - There are more changes at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse, even as a federal management team was appointed by District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall is getting situated at the Mental Health offices in Tamuning and they're preparing a plan of action to submit to the court later this month. KUAM News has confirmed that Governor Felix Camacho has appointed former Guam Memorial Hospital associate administrator and former Department of Education chief financial officer Wilfred Aflague to sit as the acting director.

Aflague says he received the news last week. Former acting director Elisabeth Cruz will stay on board as the deputy director. 

"Liz, for continuity's sake, she's going to be my deputy," said Aflague.  "She and I will be working out this week the details or whatever the specifics are of what she can help me with. I really appreciate the fact that she's a lawyer and in that regards, that will be a great help to us here."

As for former deputy director Jason Tedtaotao, Aflague says he's been sent to the Guam Buildup Office to help with military transition issues.

For the time being, Aflague still needs to be confirmed by the Guam Legislature. The Camacho Administration hasn't been able to give reason as to why these changes occurred.