Guam - It's been nearly two months since the island's first homicide was reported, and police have yet to release any information regarding their investigation or any leads they may have.  And the victim's family grows more and more impatient that they have not heard anything new about the loss of Apriwo Orando.

Family and friends of the island's first homicide victim are coming forward and asking the public's help in finding the killer. Their plea, they say, is an effort to prevent his death from winding up in the cold case files. 

In mid-February Orando's body was found dead in the R&K Building in Harmon along Hamburger Road.  "The day we heard it, most of us just went down to the crime scene and just to see what happened and just to really believe that he was gone," said Rose, a relative of Orando.

Another family member, Rose Basinio, says it was a shock for the entire family when they got the call, recalling, "My relationship to him is like my cousin-in-law and just like really part of my family, because he's been staying with me and my family for like three or four years," she explained.  "My feeling for him is just like one of my sisters that I really lost, because to me he's just like my brother.  He's a really good person, he's not a bad person he's good person."

While the autopsy only revealed signs of foul play and police remain tightlipped about the investigation, loved ones continue to wait and wonder.  Rose continued, "Since then, we've been curious, we've been told as soon as we hear something or something develops or arises we'd be notified and so far we haven't been given anything."

And after actually seeing results from the family's plea in the second homicide case, family members of Orando are now asking for help.   "What I want to tell the community, if they really know any information for him to help me find them," said Rose. 

"If they really know any information, please they have to call the police or the Guam stoppers to tell them any information for Apriwo Orando."

If you have any information regarding Orando's murder, you are urged to contact the Guam Police at 472-8911 or Guam Crimestoppers at 477-HELP (4357).