Guam - "Guam vs. Guahan" has been quite a debate in the community in recent weeks since Governor Felix Camacho made the pitch to make the change during his State of the Island Address in February, saying doing so would be his legacy.  Dozens showed up to today's public hearing on Bill 331 this afternoon, many opposing the change. 

Ivan Carbullido said, "The intent is not bad.  The problem here - it causes a lot of friction, just not only friction, disappointment and a lot of this point I think we should put this aside and go to the most important business for the welfare of our people of Guam."

Another neighbor proclaimed, "Instead of changing it, why don't we just correct the problems of Guam? Fanogi Chamorro yan fan binodosu - GUAM!"

Eloy Hara says he believes a decision like this should be left to the people of Guam, not just lawmakers.  "I believe something of this magnitude should be put on a referendum situation so that it allows several things to happen one maybe it would allow the community of Guam who is going to be highly impacted have a say in this issue," said Hara.