Guam - Notices of violations will be mailed out tomorrow to Chamorro Land Trust Commission leaseholders whose lands have been inspected.  The most common violations - noncompliance with labor laws, unauthorized livestock operations and most alarming, unauthorized septic systems that may be affecting Guam's waters supply - were identified in a December status report.

The inspection team's project manager, Dr. Bob Barber, is preparing another status report.  He says the main focuses will be how money is used by the land trust and compiling an accurate inventory of CLTC lands.  "The inventory means going in and finding out who is actually in that land. Who's squatters?  Who's actually got land use permits?  Who actually has leases?  We have to look at the land for highest value use and environmental sensitivities. So land use has to come and be a part of that," said Barber.

He added that the NOVs will now be issued on an ongoing basis as inspections are completed.