Guam - Lawmakers are back in session, and from the jump the debate was heated as Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz questioned why his colleagues would support the passage of Bill 208.  The legislation attempts to resolve litigation involving Guam Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks, who several years ago hired employees at the above Step-10 level.

The case ended up in court, which determined the OPA illegally hired those employees and further ordered their overcompensation be paid back to the government.  

Cruz does not support the bill because it essentially would forego that repayment, saying, "The problem is that...we cannot hold them [the Office of Public Accountability] to be held accountable for their mistakes.  How do we expect that they're ruling about everybody else's non-accountability to be taken seriously if we're just going to legislate to forgive everything that everybody does?" he questioned.

"I object to this; this does not comply with the court order it's just telling the Office of Public Accountability we'll cover our eyes and forgive everything."

Co-author of the legislation Senator Adolpho Palacios would later move that Bill 208 be returned to committee for further consideration.