Guam - A fact-finding team from Japan is expected to visit the island next week as a special committee, formed to review a pact between Japan and the United States, is compiling a list of possible relocation sites for the Futenma air base.  The status of forces agreement provides for the relocation of U.S. Marines from Okinawa to the territory once Futenma is moved to Camp Schwab in Northwest Okinawa.

The special committee though, according to the Stars and Stripes, will send a special team to the island on February 10 at the request of the Social Democratic Party. But Japan Deputy Consulate Seisuke Shimizu says the trip has not been officially confirmed yet.  Japan's defense minister, Toshimi Kitizawa, visited the island in December and said he felt it would be "impossible" to have the air base on the island

Japan has announced that it doesn't intend to make a decision on the replacement facility until May.