Guam - It's been more than a decade since a sitting president of the United States has visited the island.  The congresswoman and governor's offices have received confirmation that President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit the island sometime next month. 

Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo's office says the stop is part of the president's upcoming trip to Asia.  There's been some discussion about Obama stopping in Australia and Indonesia and that his trip to Guam will merely be a refueling stop.  Governor Felix Camacho says he received a call from Michael Block from the White House Interagency Group, but he too is waiting for more details about the chief executive's upcoming visit.

He said, "I believe he's on his way to Asia or coming from Asia or on the way through. I'm hoping the president takes the opportunity to speak to the people. He will be the fourth president to stop on Guam. We had Nixon, we had Reagan, we had Clinton and now we'll have Obama."

The congresswoman's office could only confirm that the president is scheduled to make a stop to Guam, but said no other details were available.  It's expected that a Secret Service and an advanced team will arrive on island to begin preparations for the president's visit.