Guam - The Legislature's Ethics Committee has issued a subpoena to Senator Matt Rector regarding the complaint filed by Port Authority of Guam chairman Monte Mesa. The subpoena orders Rector to appear in person or have an authorized representative appear before the panel during Thursday's hearing.

Rector must produce any and all records indicating a copy of the teacher's union compensation or income received from the Guam Federation of Teachers, a copy of the GFT's constitution, as well as copies of documents showing the charges that the GFT billed the Guam Legislature for. The subpoena also requests any correspondence signed by the GFT president that has been addressed to PAG officials between January 1 and October 1. 

Senator Rector on Twitter today wrote, "Leg Ethics committee just gave me until 9:30am tomorrow to produce copies of 10,000 docs!!! Can we say unreasonable!!!".

Rector's attorney, Robert Kutz, tells KUAM News they are preparing all documents available as fast as they can, adding that Senator Rector will promptly respond to the subpoena and appear before the ethics panel, which is scheduled to meet on Thursday at 9:30am.

The Ethics Committee also issued a subpoena to Mesa, ordering him to appear before the panel on Thursday to answer to the allegations in his complaint.