Guam - Reacting to the possibility of court action against his client by the Guam Election Commission, Senator Matt Rector's legal counsel, Attorney Robert Kutz, says he'll be ready either way.  "I disagree with that," he noted, "they're free to do whatever they want. If they want to go to court, we'll deal with it. But I'm hoping if what they're looking for is information, we can provide it voluntarily."

He also said, "It is becoming, to some extent, a theater of the absurd. We're trying to show that something doesn't exist, and that's very difficult to do."

Meanwhile, the Guam Legislature's Ethics Committee denied a request to subpoena KUAM News regarding providing documents related to Rector's burglary conviction in California; Kutz says he will now call on answers from the Guam Police Department.

"I plan to request an internal affairs investigation by the police department regardless of the subpoenas on the ground that this information, whatever it is, could not have been released unless somebody acted illegally," said Kutz.

The Ethics Committee will meet Thursday to further discuss the ethics complaint filed by Port Authority of Guam chairman Monte Mesa.  Then on Friday will here the preliminary findings of the complaint filed by Eloy Hara.