Guam - The Guam Election Commission has received correspondence from Attorney Robert Kutz informing the agency he has been retained by Senator Matt Rector. As we reported the democrat lawmaker has until tomorrow at 11 in the morning to comply with a subpoena issued by the Guam Election Commission. 

Rector has been ordered to appear before the agency to provide inspection and copying of all documents related to his 1983 burglary conviction which he admitted to on Facebook after KUAM broke the story. The subpoena further stated that should he fail to comply he will deemed guilty of contempt and may be liable to pay all losses, damages, sanctions and violations to the fullest extent and as allowed under Guam law.

According to GEC Executive Director John Blas, they have forwarded the letter to their Legal Counsel Cesar Cabot for review. Blas would not provide details as to the letter's contents.

The Executive Director also refrained from making any further comment to KUAM News until such time Attorney Cabot has completed his review and provides further guidance.