Guam - Eloy Hara was given reassurances today by the Guam Police Department that the complaint he initially filed with the Guam Election Commission regarding Senator Matt Rector will be thoroughly looked into.  Hara's complaint points out that Rector allegedly broke several local and federal laws after failing to disclose his 1983 burglary conviction while signing the GEC affidavit to run for public office.

Hara says he was informed that GPD is working with the Attorney General's Office to investigate Rector's concealed firearms application, while the FBI is looking into whether rector violated any federal statues.  "I feel very confident that at least the law enforcement part is working very beautifully. Now the Election Commission is another matter, I'm waiting for them to respond to my letter," said Hara.

GEC officials say they continue to work on a response to Hara's complaint.