Guam - Tomorrow is the feast of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  To prepare for the procession, Dr Laura M. Torres Souder says she and other women from the Torres family as well as her friends and other devotees to Our Lady have been working to prepare the karosa.

She said, "There is a lot of activity going on in preparation for the celebration because she is the patron of the island of Guam and the Marianas and so it hearkens to the Spanish tradition of the fiestas patronales since she is the patron of island we obviously all celebrate her on this day."

This year's theme is "Tower of Gold", celebrating the ending of the Jubilee Year.  The novena starts at 3:30 tomorrow and the procession takes place after the Proclamation of the Word and the Homily, all taking place at the Cathedral in Agana.