Guam - Eight Southern High School students were arrested last night in connection with the beating of a male student at the Santa Rita campus.  Guam Police Department Sergeant Ron Taitano says the arrest stems from a riot that occurred at the school last month that went unreported by school officials.

Taitano says the investigation revealed that the male student was assaulted by four 17-year olds, a 15-year-old, two 16-year-olds, along with 18-year-old student Bradley Diego from Merizo.  The students were charged with aggravated assault and rioting.

While the minors were taken to the Department of Youth Affairs, Diego was taken into custody at the Agana Detention Facility.  "The investigation's closed," said Taitano.  "It's going to be forwarded to both the Prosecution and Family Division of the Office of the Attorney General for prosecution in both the Family Court and the General Court."

Taitano adds that JIS is working with the Legislature, the Department of Education and other GovGuam agencies to revamp the juvenile laws and school bullying policies in an effort to minimize violence in the schools.

"There's a lot of work ahead of us that we're going to be looking at doing, [like] training school aides; we're looking at trying to do some first responder/first aide-type training, search and seizure and other things along the lines of dealing and responding to school violence," Taitano continued.