Guam Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo will be meeting with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to discuss Guam's infrastructure needs on Monday, November 16.  The Congresswoman will raise issues highlighted by this GAO report with the Secretary.  In particular, the Congresswoman will be discussing federal support for port modernization, continued roadway improvements, and deployment of next-gen aviation technology at the Guam International Airport.

"This report highlights the need for continued cooperation between the Department of Defense and the Government of Guam," the delegate said today. "The GAO concluded that when the Department of Defense and other federal agencies including the Federal Highway Administration, has closely consulted with GovGuam, as it did to develop the 2030 Guam Transportation Plan, Guam has been able to develop clear and well reasoned plans for off base development.  We must ensure that these collaborations continue through all available forums.  

"I appreciate the Obama Administration's continued high-level focus and attention to getting the military build-up on Guam right.  However, I continue to impress the importance of having an Economic Adjustment Committee meeting to address financing of major civilian infrastructure needs at the federal level.  The President and my colleagues in Congress are committed to the success of the build-up, both in and outside the fences."