Late Tuesday afternoon Archbishop Anthony Apuron provided a statement to local media in which he discussed his meeting with senators this morning.  "Here were three positive outcomes from this meeting," he detailed.

The leader of the island's Catholic faithful noted that the achievements were:

1. The importance of keeping the dialogue open on this matter regardless of our different opinions.
2. The willingness to defend marriage in Guam as the fundamental institution of our society.
3. Making a clear statement defending marriage, is not a condemnation on anyone of the faithful.

The Archbishop reiterated his personal regret for the event that affected Senator B.J. Cruz, saying sins committed by individuals from every walk of life has consequences that are painful and should be prevented.  "The church always treated all people involved in such troublesome circumstances in a very personal way, so as to limit the hurt that has been done."

His Excellency added, "As a leader of this local church we abide by our policies already in place as we offer our compassion to all who are in need of it."

The Archbishop, meanwhile, refused to comment when asked to respond to allegations made by Vice-Speaker Cruz that there have been cases of sexual misconduct in Guam's Catholic Church.