Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are waiting for Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz's return to the island this evening to gather more information on a recusal motion that was filed in the District Court.  The motion seeks to have Chief Judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood removed from the Ordot consent decree case because of her familial ties with an aunt who purportedly has land near the Guatali 'B' site. 

Many lawmakers, including Speaker Judi Won Pat, senators Ben Pangelinan, Frank Blas Jr., Eddie Baza Calvo and Jim Espaldon, were surprised when they learned of the motion being filed on behalf of the Legislature.  "It's a total surprise to me and I'm not even sure that I agree with that filing," said Espaldon.

The Republican added, "We need to have at least a majority consensus to be able to move forward on such an act like that, so I would imagine that sometime today some of us will get together and discuss the possible withdrawal of that motion."

In May, eight members of the Rules Committee passed Resolution 114, allowing them to challenge Judge Tydingco-Gatewood's March order that held the Government of Guam in contempt and she voided a provision of law, declaring it null and void under the Supremacy clause.  Lawmakers are expected to meet, possibly tomorrow to decide how concerns about the court's authority to impose the Supremacy Clause led to the filing of a recusal motion.