The family of Antonio Camacho Bautista is seeking more than $2,000,000 for the Government of Guam's use of their land for the Ordot Dump.  Norbert Castro testified in support of Bill 195, which would compensate the family for the government's use of Lot 34-34 (also referred to as Gafao).

The property was never condemned and the family was never compensated and continues to pay property taxes.  Castro asked a legislative committee to go back and recalculate the compensation figure, saying, "Our purpose of being here today is to go on record and to put the Government of Guam on notice of our desires and intent to seek timely and fair, just compensation for the many years of the unauthorized use of Lot No. 34-34."

He added, "Had the property not been used illegally as a dump site, I'm certain that the venture to say that the fair market value today would be much greater than the $2,000,000 figure."

For the last 60 years, the government has been using the family's land for the dump, but the legislation intends to settle the matter before the dump closes in 2012.