Guam will hopefully be adding another martial arts form to the list of gyms here on island in the near future.  Yasushi Isamura is one of Japan's top kendo instructors and plans to one day open up a gym here on island.

The Martial Arts form kendo, known as the "Way of the Sword", has been around Japan for many generations and is now a well-known international sport.  Isamura has visited the island on many occasions, hosting several kendo events in hopes of one day opening up a gym on island. He became a master at age 25 and became Japan's youngest kendo practitioner to achieve the rank of 6th Dan and Renshi.

The sport encourages sportsmanship amongst competitors and self-discipline helping build character.  Isamura said, "kendo is a very traditional sport and is also a martial art. It is very important to respect each other and is also very important to respect each other and also like a greeting. It is called 'Rei' and means 'politeness and everything'."

Isamura is the training coach for the Japan National kendo Team and has more than 300 students who train under him at his gym. He is a very popular figure in the world of martial arts in Japan and has plans to one day form a Guam National kendo Team to compete internationally and hopefully hold tournaments here on island.  "The goal is to make a team here on Guam and teach the sport and he wants to bring a team, The Guam National kendo Team. The kendo can hopefully be an Olympic sport in the future and his goal is to go to the Olympics with the Guam kendo team, that is his goal," he explained.