Governor felix camacho signed bill 224 into law this morning which means the department of education will have the necessary funding to keep schools open through the end of the month. The measure was passed unanimously by senators on tuesday night after it was revealed that the department's financial figures were in disarray. The public law allocates bond proceeds to cover the budgetary shortfalls of the department. While he was initially against the measure, the governor tells kuam because of doe's poor financial management he had no choice but to sign it. He said, "it's unfortunate and it's terrible management that you would have to take monies that would be invested into a facility that serves our children and into facilities that are sorely in need of repair and use it for operational costs because you didn't manage your cash properly." superintendent dr. Nerissa bretania underwood meanwhile says the passage of the law means instructional services will continue and the school year can continue without any more interruptions.