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McNinch: Administration and Legislature must cooperate for success

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Longtime political commentator Dr. Ron McNinch has some advice for the incoming administration and legislature. Speaking before the Rotary Club this week, he said the new legislature might be better off removing laws from the books, instead of coming up with new ones. McNinch said there are too many unnecessary laws as it is.

"I'm on the Guam Education Board," he said. "There's a statutory requirement for a joint education board between GCC, UOG and the Guam Education board. It's a useless law but it mandates that our boards meet twice a year. There's no reason for it. and so why do we have a law like that? We have to have the courage to remove those laws."

Likewise, McNinch said while the new administration will try and hit the ground running, it should not overlook some of the initiatives started by the past administration.

"This is gonna be a fast four years for Gov. Lou and Lt. Gov. Josh and I think that many governors before and I don't want in any way to disparage anything that any former governor did," he said. "There's been a lot of good work by former governors also that they're going to be able to build upon. And there are many times we can recognize that."

McNinch also believes the administration's success in the next four years will be determined by the level of cooperation from the legislature.

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