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Melanie Mendiola details priorities as GEDA administrator

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Melanie Mendiola and Ricky Hernandez were officially tapped as the new administrator and deputy administrator, respectively, of the Guam Economic Development Authority. In her first board meeting, Mendiola outlined her top priorities.

"Some of the initial things that we have, some of the initial priorities that we have, as I mentioned before, a revenue center and cost center approach to budgeting," she explained. "Recognizing that GEDA has revenue generating activity from managing properties, issuing bonds and issuing loans. And there are also operational costs associated with that so, we'd like to go ahead and really bring out maximum efficiency from those vehicles and study and analyze it."

Mendiola and acting GEDA board chairman David John said they also need to key on the H2B labor issue.

"It doesn't just affect construction. It affects lending, there's no projects, there's no lending, banks aren't lending on base," John said. "So companies aren't doing projects they want to do. Deposits are up but the money's not moving around. You know it. And it comes down to your industry, new stock for housing. If we don't get that resolved and the workers start coming in pricing out the locals from the housing stock, then we've got really big issues."

Mendiola said they are also planning a social media campaign to promote the benefits of GEDA's program to the public. She says the governor also agreed to meet with her on a monthly basis to discuss progress on GEDA initiatives.

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