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Leon Guerrero visits Department of Administration

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Thursday was Day 3 on the job for the new administration. KUAM News tracked Gov. Lou Leon Guerrero, as she moved forward with her visit at each government agency.

From the Department of Revenue & Taxation to the Department of Administration, Leon Guerrero and her LT, Josh Tenorio, walked the offices of DOA in Tamuning Thursday afternoon.

"They're the ones that have to know the cash flow, the accounts and everything so they have to have an account of the revenues coming in, they do the expenses so it's very important that they tie together," the governor said. 

"Our transition report says there is a lot of need to focus in on meeting the personnel and procurement needs of the government so looking forward to imparting with DOA and their staff to get that done for us," Tenorio said.

Both met with employees getting to know those working within each government agency.

"My goal for each one of you is that when you wake up in the morning you just can't wait to go to work," Leon Guerrero told staffers.

DOA Director Ed Birn and his deputy Edith Pangelinan led the pair.

"We are going to propose some performance measurements that we don't have at the moment but we want to develop for your approval so we can actually measure our progress," Birn said.

 "I think that's a very good way to measure the employees on how they are doing at work and not only that it also gives the employee some concrete goals to do and to have a little bit more of guidance and direction of what they need to do to perform their jobs," the governor said.

She added that DOA is the support in place to ensure GovGuam agencies function well.

"The philosophy is this--if there is no money we cannot spend and I think Ed has done the job in adhering to that because that's how we should run the finances of our government," Leon Guerrero said. "And if we don't have the money and we need to provide for the services then we will look at ways that we can increase revenues and the cash on a daily basis."

Leon Guerrero said she will continue the trend of paying out tax refunds on time.

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