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Barnes keys in on B&B rentals, medical marijuana implementation

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Speaker Tina Muna Barnes says there is some unfinished business that she intends to focus on in this 35th Legislature.

Speaking before the Rotary Club, Barnes says there are laws on the books that have never been fully implemented. One is a law to tax so-called Airbnb rental units.

"The bed-and-breakfast and certification retro-laws were meant to add capacity to our hotel industry and ride off the Airbnb trend," Barnes said. "Unfortunately, many proprietors of this $23 million industry are still operating illegally and they're not paying their fair share in tax revenues."

Barnes also plans to push for full implementation of the medical marijuana law, known as the KC Concepcion Compassionate Cannabis Use act.

"This coming November will be five years since the law was passed by our people, voted by our people," she said. "This is five years too long that our people of Guam are dealing with debilitating health issues having to wait for a remedy to deal with their pain."

Barnes also said she will work with the new Leon Guerrero administration to help carry out the full intent of those mandates.

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